One… More… Year!

So I just finished purchasing yet another year of this delicious domain: DoobieHayve DOT com. Good lord, I went and purchased the website builder through GoDaddy as well. Finding it difficult to work out, at least in the three hours I fiddled with it. I have a few issues with this site builder platform…

I only bought the damn service so my site didn’t look like a template. Well, my current site is basically just a WordPress template with a few minor edits in the code. That’s why I went and bought this service. But I can’t deal with the template structure…

So basically I’m learning CSS. Hopefully I’ll have a site worthy of some actual traffic. I haven’t heard any negative feedback about the cop-out status of promoting a website that is nothing more than a forward to a blog. But I imagine it exists. So here we are.

Happy belated holidays, fam.


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