Beats For The Peeps!

Hello again, internet friends! I can only assume you are back for more of those tasty, buttery beats of mine. Well, feel free to visit the Temp tab, conveniently placed at the upper right hand of this site.

I’ve uploaded three more beats since we last spoke, and made some more than minor alterations to my famed Jazzy instro. Go ahead and download them for whatever use you please, I only ask for production credits at the time of your release.

Or, if you feel you have some valuable advice for one or more of the selections, make sure to email me at DoobieHayve -at-! Haha, take that, spam bots!

Until next time, might I suggest you listen to the latest release from my favorite fat bad boy of east coast rap, Action Bronson’s Blue Chips II! The best track on said mixtape is probably Rolling Thunder. Amadu Diablo is a close second, great use of the Chapman sample!

Peace out, innernettes!


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