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DoobieHayve is (kinda) dead…

I’ve been putting a lot of work into my new handle, Juissolini. Also, working with IllGill on this year’s Vocalist – Producer Challenge. Helly Selznick, my production service, had been blowing up a bit too. Can’t help but take things as they come. Sorry!


Well, Look Who’s Back!

I’m gonna make this short and sweet, because this app is ridiculous. My life has been very busy lately, and I’m trying to get an album’s worth of material ready to release.  I have a podcast which is currently on hiatus, not to mention the small town recording business I’m currently pimping locally.

Oh! I recorded some freestyles! Check them out!

The Green Al Project by DoobieHayve

Peace, for now!

One… More… Year!

So I just finished purchasing yet another year of this delicious domain: DoobieHayve DOT com. Good lord, I went and purchased the website builder through GoDaddy as well. Finding it difficult to work out, at least in the three hours I fiddled with it. I have a few issues with this site builder platform…

I only bought the damn service so my site didn’t look like a template. Well, my current site is basically just a WordPress template with a few minor edits in the code. That’s why I went and bought this service. But I can’t deal with the template structure…

So basically I’m learning CSS. Hopefully I’ll have a site worthy of some actual traffic. I haven’t heard any negative feedback about the cop-out status of promoting a website that is nothing more than a forward to a blog. But I imagine it exists. So here we are.

Happy belated holidays, fam.

Beats For The Peeps!

Hello again, internet friends! I can only assume you are back for more of those tasty, buttery beats of mine. Well, feel free to visit the Temp tab, conveniently placed at the upper right hand of this site.

I’ve uploaded three more beats since we last spoke, and made some more than minor alterations to my famed Jazzy instro. Go ahead and download them for whatever use you please, I only ask for production credits at the time of your release.

Or, if you feel you have some valuable advice for one or more of the selections, make sure to email me at DoobieHayve -at-! Haha, take that, spam bots!

Until next time, might I suggest you listen to the latest release from my favorite fat bad boy of east coast rap, Action Bronson’s Blue Chips II! The best track on said mixtape is probably Rolling Thunder. Amadu Diablo is a close second, great use of the Chapman sample!

Peace out, innernettes!

Tasty Updates!

Hey, I’m back! Time to start fresh. Again! Just went through a busy Summer and a harsh ass Fall. I am now in a locale where internet access is not a constant issue.

My problem in the past year really has been having to drive to McDonald’s every time I needed to upload a finished track or download a verse from a featured artist. Brutal. Even worse was rarely having money to go into the establishment. Imagine sitting in your car, as close as you can get to the wifi, for an hour to download a FUCKING .WAV FILE! It was only a preview for me to see where the verse laid on the beat. They even included the rest of the beat, and for what? To make it a 53.4MB file instead of a 34.6MB file? Thanks!

Anyway, no more having to loiter at the one coffee shop in town. If you want the internet, you gotta buy coffee. It’s a busy shop, too. So if you throw your cup away, they will badger you with “Is there anything else we can get you?” It won’t stop until you either leave or order another menu item. Biscotti? Streusel? A store bought Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich, with a slice of the local cheese, bumped up to $6.50? I mean come on guys! At least it’s the sausage one… So with less than three bucks, you are left with your medium drip coffee. Sipping tiny amounts every few minutes, dragging it out as long as possible to get the maximum amount of wifi usage before the onslaught of excellent customer service. I cant help but leave when I can tell I’m one step away from actually getting asked to leave. No more!

So I’m good as good can be. Feeling creative and working on some new stuff. I have a new part of the site where I will post beats I’m still working on. I tried this before with actual release, but it wasn’t seen for what it is. A work in progress! I have been craving some input lately with my work. Even considering going into the producer aspect of music full time, putting verses on the second shelf. We will see, but for now check out this new page.

The Temp Folder Instros

It’s also here:

Top right corner, folks. Peace!